New York Media Group has 18 websites in 15 different languages. The reach of these websites is to over 50 countries.

Curated Content

The content on the New York Media Group websites is up to date and all from Eric Lang his personal experience and personal tips from living in New York.

Tourist vs Traveler

We believe that no one should travel to New York like a tourist. The New York Media Group platform is set up to offer a different experience; the travelers experience.


With the success of the website, New York Media Group was started in 2011. Since the company has gone international with its New York platform having 18 websites in 15 different languages. The goal? Offer those who travel to New York a personal travelers experience. Every visit is better with tips from a New Yorker.

Our services

New York Media Group provides a platform for reviews. Whether it’s a large Broadway show or a small local business, we share our positive experiences with our visitors and fans on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.