In 2008 Eric Lang, born in Amsterdam, made his dream come true and moved to New York City. His move to the Big Apple made him decide to make a business decision into buying the Dutch website NewYork.nl. With sharing his knowledge and personal information and tips on the city he started a website that every traveler going to New York can use.

With the success of NewYork.nl, Eric started the company New York Media Group in 2011. From there the company has grown to more international websites on New York City. Eric his content is now available in 14 languages, active on 16 websites and still growing.


Our process

New York Media Group Service

love for new york

We love New York and want to share our experience with everyone. We know what travelers are looking for, so our information is honest, personal and friendly.


The content our website is an honest and personal source of information. If it is on our site, then you know it’s good.  The information is constantly evaluated and approved on quality, updated and proofread so it is easy to understand.

localized knowledge

We have local websites around the world. The information has been localized to fit every individual culture. We don’t just translate the content but also the essence of the content and localize it to make it interesting and appropriate for all cultures.


Besides a channel of curated information we offer an additional service to help the visitor find its way in New York. We can answer questions through our social media channels or email.



The ultimate New York EXPERIENCE

New York Media Group believes that no one should travel to New York like a tourist. Our platform is one for people who are looking for reliable information about (visiting) New York. The primary focus of the websites is on the first and second timers and offering them information and tips that will help them plan their entire trip: from booking their flight and hotel to pre-ordering tickets for all the major attractions. We believe that our success comes from a tried-and-tested formula: perfect online presence (domain names), up-to-date content, personal approach and incredible customer service.  We work with an International team to give not only the most relevant information but also localized to fit every website we have around the world.


The NYMG Team

New York Media Group has local websites around the world. We find it important that the content on the websites are localized to fit every individual culture and country. To tailor every website to its Internationa target audience, Eric Lang works with an International team.
  Meet the entire NYMG team